2017 Roundup: Best Blogs

Topics: Finance, Trade Marketing, C-level

We've compiled the blogs you've loved most this year.

Best Finance Blog

What is the Role of Trade Investment in the Zero-Based Budget Driven CPG Sector?

Best C-Level Blog amazon_logo_RGB.jpg

Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Provides Uncharted Collaboration Opportunity for Manufacturers and Retailers
What started out as whispers of the potential impact Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will have on the grocery market, has quickly turned to screams of shareholders from the largest retailers to respond to the inevitable shift in the way consumers shop. For better or worse is yet to be determined, but the inevitable changes that are anticipated with Amazon expanding into the retail brick-and-mortar space mean that both manufacturer and retailer will need make changes to survive.

Best Trade Marketing Blog Netflix-Older-Logo.png

What CPG Companies Can Learn from Netflix About How to Use Analytics
When it comes to using the mounds of incoming data to improve performance and increase revenue, Netflix has proven that they know what they're doing. They’ve become so adept at using data to develop and market their product that they can practically guarantee themselves success. In an article featured in The New York Times (“Giving Viewers What They Want”), David Carr outlines how Netflix uses customer data to tailor suggestions and predict which shows to create for individual interests. In other words, they can predict what’s going to work before it ever runs using Big Data.





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