CPG Marketers: Are you ready for the Knowledge Economy?

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Don’t Get Left Behind in Utilizing Today’s Changing Tools and Strategies.

Tech is rewiring social norms. The rise of smartphones, tablets and associated apps—and our seemingly endless use of them—has changed how we interact with people and the world around us. Technology has improved and streamlined our day-to-day activities, disrupting the status quo and making things easier. But shouldn’t these principals be applied to our daily jobs as CPG marketers?

Digital advances in the consumer world, the burgeoning cloud industry, and SaaS, also signal a change in the wayCPG quote your business needs to run. Uncertainty among CIOs has grown as they struggle to improve their TPM and TPO strategies with hardware that may or may not be viable by the end of this decade of technological flux. In order to prepare for the treacherous and incalculable road ahead, you must look ahead to the year 2020, and consider new ways to do your business. Successful organizations are preparing for the new “knowledge economy.” Here CPG workers will be using collaborative TPO software solutions that accurately and routinely integrate data and other knowledge into decision making.

The newly digital, cloud-based world has completely changed the idea of what it means to get a task done fast. Many established organizations are so used to their expensive hardware solutions and workflow strategies that their newer solutions only continue their outdated legacy. As timelines force CPG employees to get a forecast, customer plan, or other analytics done accurately and more quickly, legacy archaic systems produce a drag on workflow, and decreases ROI.

What exists in the workplace today is often the conflict between two different generations or experience groups: one entrenched in the bureaucracy of three decades of PC computing, and another willing to experiment by implementing knowledge from the consumer technological goods and communication options. In CPG companies that employ technological use in business workflow, it is possible to deliver expert analysis, insights and recommendations, and even predictive analytics from raw data across organizational silos. In effect, it is the empowerment of the knowledge worker.

For today’s younger CPG companies, in contrast to established, tradition and culture based manufacturers, can start from a clean slate in regards to hardware and workflow. Often, these businesses are employing people who already integrate their personal, consumer-minded tech habits with their work habits. For established organizations to be able to catch up technologically, they must change not only their IT system, but also their way of thinking. Only when their TPO strategy takes into the consideration what the knowledge worker needs to provide expert insight, can a company execute on a effective TPO solution.

knowledge is powerA TPO user-friendly interface must consider the “ambivalent” tech user, rather than the tech-savvy user. The insights should not be focused on how to do it, but what it is saying. The users must transition from how do I do this to “What does it mean?” to our company and our customers. Essentially, an organization should use their TPO system to empower its employees and their recommendations, rather than so myopically focusing on the legacy outdated workflow system.

Technology is all about connections. Through a successful, cost-effective TPO solution, real-time integration and analysis of data can help to increase efficiency and ROI. Corporations that can integrate data, deploy collaborative knowledge exchange, generate interactive dashboards, and produce multi-client reports will automatically break down internal silos. In effect, they will find themselves working with a productive IT solution that fosters collaboration and effectiveness, along with the confidence of knowing and seeing what is happening.

Although we may not be able to see clearly the state of the economic environment in five years, the companies that survive through this period of technological flux will be able to view the past with 2020 vision. T-Pro Analytics is a leader in this technology explosion, let us share client success stories and help you get on the right path – contact us for more information or a demonstration today!

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