From Our CEO: Blacksmith Applications Acquires T-Pro Solutions

As CEO of T-Pro Solutions I sign a lot of papers. But recently, I signed one of the most important papers of my career.

I signed a document to sell T-Pro Solutions.

We were acquired by an awesome company, Blacksmith Applications of Lawrence Massachusetts. Blacksmith provides trade promotion management (TPM) and advanced analytics solutions to CPG customers of all sizes across retail and foodservice divisions. 

Together, we will provide end-to-end TPx (the combination of TPM and TPO) solutions for customers. The Blacksmith team won me over at the very first “meet and greet” when I realized we have a shared passion around problem solving for our customers. I am beyond excited to be the industry-leading provider for all trade related needs because of this acquisition.

So, you might ask, why did we sell? The answer is simple. Our unfailing passion to bring the most innovative trade solutions to the market led us to this point. We knew it would only make sense to sell if we found just the right company. We will be stronger together than either company was alone. T-Pro has grown far and fast.

Though it’s still business as usual, we expect and hope that the boundaries between T-Pro and Blacksmith will become more fluid and eventually disappear. We look forward to continued growth as part of the Blacksmith Applications team.

Please read the full press release here.

Terry Ziegler
CEO & Founder, T-Pro Solutions

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