Is the spreadsheet a silent killer to your organization?

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Similar to “High Blood Pressure” to an individual, the use of Spreadsheets to manage your # 2 line item Trade Spending, is the silent killer of a CPG manufacturer’s profit. There are no distinct immediate recognizable symptoms, just a slow erosion of a return on your trade spending. The industry appears to have given into the fact there is nothing that can be done any better than spreadsheets, to
manage ever increasing trade-spend investment.

The sad truth is that while spreadsheets are great for a number of different enterprise-level tasks, they aren’t anywhere near equipped to handle planning & optimization for trade promotion activities. The lack of scenario planning & analysis capabilities results in sub-optimal promotions that don’t perform nearly as well as they otherwise could have. Moreover, the potential for errors and version control issues compounds exponentially when using multiple spreadsheets in large organizations.spreadsheet the silent killer

We are firm believers in “Never Say Never”! With the advent of “Big Data” capability in a SaaS cloud environment, coupled with powerful predictive and constraint based modeling, the spreadsheet’s days are numbered. A software-based solution is the key to leaving the spreadsheet behind and taking control of your TPM-TPO initiatives.

Let’s take a look at the “Art of the Possible today;

  • What if you could easily combine your shipment, spending and POS data in one database in real-time?
  • What if you could have a view of your key competitors overlaid with your actual planned events?
  • What if you could align your planned events strategically with your consumer/shopper marketing initiatives with a calendar view?
  • What if you could align your actual events (shipments/spending) with the corresponding POS data with two mouse clicks? The result being instant KPI analysis.
  • Most importantly what if this capability were cost affordable and could deliver a quantified 3%-5% ROI on your trade spend?

Would this entice you to consider abandoning the all mighty all powerful and most importantly error prone spreadsheet?

If the answer is yes we should talk! Contact us for a demo or more information.

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