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Another Quarter. Another Quandary. CPG Companies Looking to Create a Better Financial Future with Predictive Analytics

As you read this you are “celebrating” either the end of another quarter or another fiscal year. Whether directly impacted by recent announcements of mergers and acquisitions or feeling the pressure of headlines calling for significant change in the wake of increased margin compression and...

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C-Suite Under Siege in the Mature CPG Sector

The Wall Street Journal article on May 29, 2018 entitled “Food Companies Churn through CEO’s, Desperate for New Ideas” by Annie Gasparro and Jacob Bunge, states that 16 CPG CEO’s representing over $150B in annual revenue have retired or been replaced over the past 2-year period. Some of the more...

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Chasing Trade Investment ROI - Resentment, Ramification and Realities

When it comes to a CPG company’s evaluation of trade spend effectiveness there are few KPIs that are used as a barometer of success more than Return on Investment (ROI). However, getting to an accurate ROI during post-event analysis or setting ROI targets as part of the sales planning process...

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